Tuesday, 29 May 2018

DBH 3, A fashion item

My Favourites
I have got five favourite fahion items that I usually wear a lot.This are a sweater, jeans, high shoes , a cap and tracksuit.

Last week I boueght a new black, trendy sweater that I like to wear to school.That day I also bought a skinny blue jeans that I like to wear them when I go out with my friends. When I go to a party I usually wear my red and comfortable high shoes and a cap even if its not sury nny. I also like tracksuits because they are comfortable to do sport.

I am very happy when I wear my favourite fashion items. I will never throw them, even if they dont fit me.
BY: Hamdi
My Favourites Clothes

I've got three favourite clothes, thai I use every weak. Two months ago I bought my favourite outfit. I use a modern, big black pair of Nike shoes. I really like it because I think that they are very trendy. Then I wear a broken short jeans. They are ideal to wear it when it's very sunny, beacuse it has holes. Finally I wear a old-fashioned, big white pole. It's very useful for hot days, because  it doesn t attrack the hot.
I really enjoy this summer clothes, I wont change that for anything.
BY: Asier

My favourite cloth are a  basic, White t-shirt; a big, black jacket; a short mini-skirt; my comfortable blue jeans and my beautifull black and White Nike shoes. I use them all the time I can. I take the skirt to formal partys, and the t-shirt, the jacket, the jeans and the shoes for normal days. I love all of them since the day I soo them at the shops. I'm thinking to buy another pair of shoes and 3 or 4 sweters. I love them more tan nothing!!!
BY: Joane
My trendy
I like to wear outfits with my style, I have four essential fashion items in my closet that I wear a lot of- sweaters,jackets, jeans and platform shoes.

Last year I bought new clothes,a lot of jackes, sweaters, high jeans and some shoes. I saw a beautiful big sweaters of differents colours, I bought it. And someones jeans, I love comfortable,high jeans. I love too platform shoes, I've got 3 different their are so beautiful. I wear this clothes for casual occasions,because is more practice.

I really enjoy  worn my favourite fashion items so I think they stay in my closet for a long time.
BY: Carol
Favorite Clothes
I´ve got two favorite fashion items that I like wearing, my gray skinny jeans, my gray black white adidas jacket style raincoat.

Some months ago, I bought a perfect gray skinny jeans.I wear them all the time because they are perfect if I want to use them for school or  dress trendy, formal or casual for a party because they are perfect for are these styles and ocasions also they are very comfortable.
I wear them with a black or white hoodie.
I wear the adidas jacket at school or when I go out with the friends because is usefull for both and it loocks very stylish.

I like wearing that fashion items, and they going to stay quite more at my closet
BY: Ciprian
Best items

I have got a lot of clothes but,I really love 4 of my clothing items.

The first one is  a beautiful blue mini skirt,it has got 5 buttons and it is really trendy.The second item that I love it is the long white blouse tyhat I usually wear at weekends.The third one are my black high heels and finally I love a big grey sweater.

I usually wear them at weekens or I wear them to parties.💃
BY: Maria💃

Monday, 21 May 2018

DBH 4, Trains

The blue train from Marta Martín


The Schienenzeppelin was an experimental railcar which resembled a Zeppelin airship in appearance. It was designed and developed by the German aircraft engineer Franz Kruckenberg in 1929. It accelerated the railcar to 230.2 km/h setting the land speed record for a petrol powered rail vehicle. Only a single example was ever built, which due to safety concerns remained out of service and was finally dismantled in 1939.
Safety concerns have been associated with running high-speed railcars on old track network, with the inadvisability of reversing the vehicle, and with operating a propeller close to passengers.

BY: Mihaela


DBH 2, Parks

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

DBH 3, Inventions


Gunpowder is used in explosives. It was invented in the 9th century in Tang dynasty. It was employed in warfare to some effect from at least the 12th century. It was used in weapons such as fire arrows, bombs, and the fire lance before the appearance of the gun. Gunpowder was also used for non-military purposes such as fireworks for entertainment, or in explosives for mining and tunneling. The use of gunpowder technology also spread throughout the Islamic world and to India, Korea, and Japan.
BY: Asier

Now a days,everyone have got very big and good mobile pones.They discuss a lot about which is the better mark of mobile phones and generally say that the iPhone is the best.

First,Apple engineers investigated the touch screen, under the direction of the former president of Apple.Then,On July 11, 2008, Apple launched the iPhone 3 in 22 countries.In Aprill 2003,Jobs believed that mobile phones were going to become important devices.By the time a lot of iphone's are in the world,but they are very expensive.

Finally, I think that the technology is going to grow and a lot of people would have new mobile phones.
BY: Xiomara
The fridge was invented in the year 1876 by Charles Tellier, a french inventor. The allow to the food stay in a good temperature and save it more time so then we can eat it in a good way. The fridge is consisted of an termostat to regulate the cold of the inside part, is controled by a charged compresor of gas. Like that the cold air stay inside and the hot one goes outside from a grate that is the down part. So, thanks to Charles Tellier for his work so like that we can keep our favourite food on a good way and then we can eat them!!
BY: Joane

         The Mac 
It was invented by Apple in 1984. The Macintosh project was begun in 1979 by Jef Raskin ,
 an Apple employee who envisioned an easy-to-use, low-cost computer for the average consumer.
 They made a lot of models of them. This machines were and are very expensive so many people 
couldn’t afford it. Most of the computers are in offices and educational places, such as schools. 
Apple has also developed a series of Macintosh operating systems; initially, this operating systems
 had no name but came to be known as the Macintosh System Software. 
BY: Mikel

The printing press

The printing press was invented by Johann Gutenberg in the 1430s.This idea was not easy.He had to do many things before this.
Firstly,he combined the idea of block printing with a screw press,then he develop a metal printing press and finally he invented the printing press.
This had change a lot of things in the world,bafore this,people had to write everything by hand and it was a very boring job.Nowadays printing presses are used all around the world.🌎
BY: Maria

Alessandro Volta an Italian physicist developed the first battery which gave a steady current using alternating layers of copper and zinc. Lew Urry developed the small alkaline battery in 1949. Volta took issue with Galvani’s claim that he had found electricity inside a frog, and set out to prove it was the contact of two dissimilar metals (the brass hook and the scalpel) that produced the electric charge. His experiments ended up producing the world’s first battery – the voltaic pile.  Now a days we still use lot's of things that have got batteries and this was invented in the XVIII century. This invention changed many lives because after this invention people could use electric produce without an electric plug or any cable connected to it, making them more practic tu use.
BY: Gotzon

Monday, 7 May 2018

DBH 2, My favourite photo


My favourite photo is a photo of me and my friend Mikel when we were little.

We went to walk through the countryside with our parents .  In the photo we are running, with our hands on our head, like we were little and funny bulls. It is evident that in the "bull running" we were really happy. I don´t remenber many things about this day, because I was very little, but after seen this and more photos of the same day, I suspect it was amazing. 
My mom usually dressed me with combined elegant clothes, because she likes the world of fashion as I do. In this photo,  I´m wearing a white shirt with blue stripes, white trousers and blue pumps. Mikel is also wearing a white shirt, and some black trousers. My mom also made two tall bows with my hair; that was the hairstyle which I used the most when I was little.

I love this cute photo, because we are having so much fun and it gives me energy every time I see it, because it transmits happiness. I also love it because my birthday and Mikel´s -even though he is two years younger- is the same day, and we feel strangely connected.
 BY: Irati

My favourite photo is a photo that I take when I was in Los Angeles.
In the photo there are stars with famous people.
The people are  walking and talking.
There are wearing a blue dress and a green t-shirt the boy.
I like it because in the photo appears the names of famous people in the floor

BY: Alain

In this photo, I appear with a group of friends from Arratzu. I was 8 years old. I was playing twister with them, and I'm having fun. As you can see, I am wearing a red sweater and some greyish trousers. It was Halloween 2012, so people are wearing costumes, such as the one in my left, who's wearing a witch costume. I like this photo because it was the first time I played twister and I had a great time doing so.
BY: Ekain


My favourite photo is the one that my friends and I appear when we were childs in a park. In the photo I appear with my sister and my friends when we were childs. We are sitted on a wall that is near a park. We are smilling and having fun sitted on a wall while our parents were taking the photo. It seems to be cold in the moment we took the photo because I'm wearing a big blue jacket and the boy next to me is wearing a red one. We all weare jackets but my sister is wearing a grey sweater. I like the photo because we are all smilling and having fun.

BY :Gorka


My favourite photo is a photo of me and my friends at the theatre in Tres Cantos.

That's me,wearing a long white shirt,long blue trousers and white sneakers.As you can see,I'm not the only person who is dressed with the same clothes.That's because we sang at theatre as other choirs from different places.We stayed there for two days and we had a great experience!They also came some of our parents,but they don't appear because they were taking  photos.

Its the first time that we do this type of meetings with other schools,but each year we sing at the theatre in our town.I had a great time there and that's why I love this photo.

BY: Ismene