Wednesday, 11 April 2018

DBH 1, A Holiday

I'm really happy about going to Barcelona. All my family is going there with me, so, we are going to go with two cars. We are arriving so early at 6.00 on 1rst July. Our family has got a very good plan. When we place in Barcelona, we are going to visit the "Basilica and Expiratory Church of the Holy Family". I want to visit it, beacuse, the construction of this church started in 1882 and nowadays, it is still in construction. After visiting this enormous church, we are going to visit "La Rambla". I don't want to visit it, but, most of my family wants to visit it, so, I think it will be find. At 15.30, more or less, we are going to have lunch and after it we are going to watch FC Barcelona vs. Real Madrid FC in "the Camp Nou". I hope FC Barcelona wins, I hate Real Madrid FC.
BY: Iustin 

Hi Jon!
This summer holiday I'm really excited. As you know, we usually go to a hotel in Tenerife, but this year, I will go with my family and cousins on a cruise to Italy and Greece. The cruise will start on 5th September and it will finish on 25th September. It will last 20 days, can you imagine? We will fly from Bilbao to Venice, and there, we will board the ship. It is a giant ship, its passenger capacity is more than 2,000 passengers and it has three swimming pools. So I can't forget my swimsuit. We will visit important cities, monuments, museums, parks, castles... in Croatia, Montenegro, Greece and Italy. In Greece we will go to Athens, Olympia, Mykonos and Santorini. The cruise will finish in Venice and we will stay in that marvelous place three more days before we come back home. It's going to be a fantastic holiday!
BY: Ander

Hi Aitzol,
 This summer I'm going to Haro,La Rioja. I'm going on the 31st of June. We are going there a lot of people such as: My parents, My sister,My cousin,his parents and another cousin with his parents. There is a park, a football pitch,A basket ball pitch, a fronton... . You can also take your bikes like us and go around the parking.
 In hot days we go to the swimming pool. 

                 However we have a swimming pool hear, we go to another swimming pool for a day. We go to that swimming pool because   has slides and we love it. Our parents like to go to the town to drink wine. I like a lot going there with my family.
      Were are you going you?

Im realy happy because i will go to Bolivia. I will go in the 1th of july andy will came on de  1 th os august I very happy .I will go to the sala the uyuni antothe lake titikaka.
I will go whit my mother .I gonna pack litle thinks like clotes a jumper and soe shoos.
BY: Dylan
Hi, Mark!
This summer in July I'm going to go with my family to Romania, to the town where we have our house, Slava Cherkeza, near Tulcea, in the region of  Dobruja. It's a little rural town, but it's very green because of the vegetation. But we are not only going to stay there during this time, we're also going to visit some parts of Romania. Romania is famous because of his monasteries, so we're going to visit some of them. Also, I want to visit the Bran's castle in Bran, near Brasov, and the Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest. We are going to travel a lot so we would have to pack a lot of clothes.
BY: Denis


Im really surprised about my visit to Paris, France. Were arriving early on  4th  April.My brother and I were great day planificated.In the morning we go to the Paris tower .I like to enter in the tower and is very special monument of Paris. At 12.00, were going to eat the lunch, in a restaurant in the street of Paris.We entered the restaurant and were often given a table to eat. I ordered espagetis with meatballs and my brother ordered macaroni with tomato.At night we go to the home and we see a romantic film with the family in the living room, eating a pizza. I mustnt forget to pack my lucky pillow!
What are you planning to do this summer?
BY: Abril
Hi Raquel:

I'm excited about my summer holidays because I'm going to Bilbao with my friend Lander. We're arriving on 3rd August. We're very exited and we can't wait anymore for that. In the morning, we're going to visit the Guggenheim museum because there is a lot of history there and there are exciting pictures. At 11 o'clock we're going to visit the museum of beautiful arts. Next day, we're going to the San Mames Stadium. There is an Athletic Club match there and we both like football so we will have a lot of fun there. What are you planning to do in the summer?
BY: Maialen
I am realy hapy with my  holiday , beacuse this year I going to go to Cantabria . I going to go on 2en of July . I go to go with my brother , mother and my two cousins . We go to vist the zoo . I've been reading some zoo reviews. After reading this I find it quite interesting . They says that are one Seals performance and I really like seals . We go to stay in my cousin home and I  have to carry a very large suitcase . 
BY: Mª Jose

Hello Friend,
This weekend I'm going to New york to spend the days.
my family and I are very happy and nervous at the same time because it's a very long trip.
The first thing we will do when we arrive will be to go to our hotel and leave all the suitcases there
Then we want to go for a walk and go shopping to buy something for friends or family.
and I do not know what we do afterwards but my father told me that we will do many trips and many more things.
BY: Zuriñe

I'm going to Bilbo on the 4nd july. I am going with my parents and mu brother but I will meet with my ants there. We will go to guggenheim and to my ants  house. I will pack my things tomorrow and I will pack my trainers and t'shirts
BY: Ane

DBH 2, A good/bad experience

A bad day

My 14th birthday was terrible. It was a bad day right from the moment it started.

The day began early in the morning. I woke up and on the way to the bathroom I stumbled and hurt my feet. Then I went shopping withh my family and most shops were closed. After lunch we watched a film in the cinema, but there was a noisy child next to me; I was really annoyed! I also missed the bus.

This birthday was very exhausting, but I liked it.
BY: Aimar

A Fantastic Day

It was my 13 birthday. It was an amzaing day right from the moment it started.

My parents one day before, they bought me the tickets of Shawn Mendes concert. So I was so exited for this day. I woke up and my mother brought me the breakfast and she sing me "Happy Birhtday". Then i wash my hair and I put my clothes. 

Then i took a plane to Madrid, because the concert was there. We visit Madrid and then we went to the hotel to get prepared. I was so nerveous because I was going to see Shawn Mendes on live. We arrived, and when the concert started, almost start to cry because it was my dream listen to him in live. 

Finally, when the concert finish, I could not pass anything better. I saw Shawn Mendes in the backstage and I took a photo with him. I said that it was my birthday and he wish me a happy birthday.

This was my best birthday ever. 
BY: Joane


In 6 of april, Friday at 13:30 I was going to Madrid with some friends of the choir. There were more or less 6 hours in bus. When the first 2 hours pass we do a stop in Burgos. I eat my sandwich and buy something. My mother give me 35 euros to buy something for my and for my cousin. I didn´t find anything for my, but later I saw a little bug of Lady Bag for children. My cousin likes a lot Lady Bag so I buy it for her. Wee arrive to Madrid, all was beautiful. The first night we play a game al the children, we were more or less 200 of children. 
In Saturday was the big day, at morning we do an rehearsal and the rest of the day a lot of activities and we also learn a simple dance. At the nigth we sing our song and dance. 
In Sunday at morning we go to the center of Madrid to another school. We sing in the school´s church and then we go to Plaza España to get our bus to go home. We do a stop again and there I found something for me. I buy it and the I eat some sweeties. When I arrived home I was very happy of seen my family again but a little bit sad because I leave my new friends in Madrid. 
BYTç: Gabriela


Last Thursday I had an awesome day. When I woke up, my dad told me that he had a surprise for me. I wanted to know which was the misterious thing, so I started to ask questions to my father, but he didn´t say anything else. At 15.00, we took the car and we picked up my smaller cousin. Then, we had a short trip in the car until we arrived to a field with many animals. My cousin loves animals, and she was really excited. I was confused, because I didn´t now where we were exactly going. Suddendly, the car went from a narrow road, and I saw some horses at the end. In that moment, I knew which was the surprise. My dad knows I love horses and I would like to ride on them, so, a long time ago, he promised me that I would ride on one, and last Thursday, he fulfilled the promise. The girls of the equestrian, took 4 beautiful horses for us. Suddendly, they told me that the tallest horse was mine. In that moment, I felt scared, because the horse was very tall! But when I rode on it, I realised that it was the most peaceful and the best horse I had never seen. We had a fantastic ride of an hour. A very kind girl explained to us interesting facts about those incredible animals. I was really excited and happy, it was an excelent surprise! But the best thing wasn´t the walk, although it was amazing; I felt thrilled because my dad fulfilled his promise to see me happy, and in that moment I felt really proud and lucky to have him as my father.
BY: Irati

My 12th birthday was amazing. It was a beautiful day right from the moment it started. 

The day began early in the morning. I woke up at 9.00 a.m and I went directly to my mum's bedroom, and sudenly I saw a huge present, next to the closet! 
Inside the enormous box, were lots of ballons, and beautiful lights, to decorate my bedroom. 
And also, some letters to invite my friends to the party. I was so, proud! Obviously, I invited my gang, and we had an amazing time together. 

The next day, I started to decorate my room, and suddenly came my brother, and told me that 
we had to go to the Theme Park !!!
I prepared my bag, with a delicious sandwich and a bottle of water..and took the car!
Sooo excited!! We ride a lot of times.
Finally, we decided to have an incredible dinner, with my grandparent, cousins and parents, 
And we didn't forget to take some photos. 

I will always remember it!  
This day wouldn't be possible, without my friends,and family. 

Love you guys!!! 
BY: Elene

 A horrible day
                                               by Ismene Lopez
The 10th of march was a horrible day for me.

The day began early in the morning.I woke up and put my clothes on because I had a basketball match.I had breakfast and I went to the sport center.There there were all my teammates and we started to prepare the things for the match and get ready.When the first part ended,I get ready to play the second one and I strated to play.One of my teammate gave my the ball and when I was just throwing the ball to enter it in the basket they pussed me and I fell to the ground.My leg hurted,so my trainer get me out of the match and called my parents.When my mother arrived,we went to the hospital and they told me that I broke one of the bones in my leg!They put me a plaster in my leg and I went home.On the 5th of april they took me of the plaster,but I still have to be crutches.

This day was the worst day of mi life! I'll never forget it.
A Fantastic Day
My 13th birthday was amazing,It was an excelent day right the moment I wake up.

The day started in the morning with a belicius breakfast that prepare my mother,then I went to my bed and I found an amazing present two tickets to see the final of the Champions League for me and my father. After we went to the stadium on a football team bus.
After the macht we went to home and they surprise me with many presents.

This day wan an amazing day!!!!!!!!! 
BY: Emil

2 Weeks ago at 9 o'clock my parents woke me up, and they say me that we are going to America.
I was suprised when they say me that, was a very good experience. First we took the aeroplane, when we arrived we went to a hotel to sleep. The next day we visit a lot of places in Los Angeles, the third day we visit Miami and California, the last day we visit Texas.
The experience was very incredible thanks to my parents.

BY: Dragos


The 1st of January of 2018 was amazing. I started waking up and eating a delicious breakfast. Then my parents told me that we were going skiing. I was really suprised and confused. A few moments later we took the car and went to the mountain. It was very cold up there when we arrived to a little woodden house. It was very warm in there and the views were astonishing. Minutes later we rented some skiis and we went to the snow. We rode on very big hills. 2 hours later we stoped to eat. We also had a delicious hot chocolate. After that, we continued to ride on those amazing hills. Hours later my mum told us that we had to go to the little woodden house to have dinner and to sleep. I was very sad because I wanted to stay there forever!
BY: Gorka

It was my 12th birthday. It was a great day right from the moment it started.
I woke up as usual, at 8.00 a.m., but I recognised a detail I had forgotten. It was 10th July. That meant two things: I didn't have to go to school and also that it was my birthday. I got up and went to the kitchen to have breakfast. Then, I went to see the presents. There were about three amazing Xbox One games! After it, I started playing immediately. I spent the whole day like that. I didn't even get bored! It was a great day I won't forget.

Ekain Barandika 


DBH 4, A TV Programme


This TV programme, is a Spanish television of drama serie and it is the longest running prime-time series in the history of television in Spain

Cuentame, shows, the experiences of a middle-class family, the "Alcántaras", during the last years of the rule of Franco and the beginning of the Spanish transition to democracy. The series was created to celebrate the first 25 years since Spain's transition to democracy, and its didactic in some of the episodes. The main actors of this serie, are Ricardo Gomez, Imanol Arias, Ana Dueto, Maria Galiana, etc. 

In my opinion, I love this serie because I've seen since I was a child and because it reveals the society of those times. I recommend it because it´s very interesting and you can learn about the past!
BY: Alaia
LQSA or La que se avecina is a spanish comedy TV programme. It shows the life in a supposed "high standing" building in the community of Madrid, they woud have to face to a lot of personal and even economic problems.

In LQSA main characters are Antonio Recio how is a crazy fish wholesaler interpreted by Jordi Sánchez and his councilor friend Enrique Pastor interpreted by Jose Luis Gil. Both would fight to be their communities president.

I think it is a very good programme to disconnect of everything and have a good time and laugh a lot. I recommend it to everybody, especially the last three seasons. The positive part is that you don't have to see the first seasons to understand the plot of the programme.
BY: Aitor

"Cheerleaders" is a television series about a young group of cheerleaders and their two coaches, which train very dificult stunts, trying to win the World Championships. The coaches, Eddie and Orbi, are extremely tough to the athletes as they thrive for perfection in their elite competion team "Smoed".

This series has become one of the most popular in the United States, as Smoed has won the World Chmapionships many times. Furthermore, teenagers love to watch how these talented gymnasts risk their lives while performing a physically imposible routine, by doing challenging stunts. On another hand, viewers also get to see the demanding workout session and conditioning that these athletes have to undergo all year long. They train for around 5 hours a day and 6 days a week. You can also see their improvement as they prepare for various competitions until reaching their final goal: The World Championships.

"Cheerleaders" is one of my favourite series, as it showcases the reality of this sport in the competitive world, while at the same time being very enjoyable and interesting to watch. But, unfortunately, they only show the series in the United States, therefore I can only watch it via YouTube.
BY: Sara

Hawaii 5.0

Hawaii 5.0 shows the work of a team of policemens and how do they solve murders. In my opinion, it´s one of the best crime drama program on TV.

In Hawaii 5.0 the group of 4 policemens ( Danny Williams, Steve McGarrett, Chin Ho Kelly an Kono Kalakaua), FBI and scientists,and there are an incredible group all together. They are very intelligent persons, and also very good at what they do. Steve is the best policemen, never anyone scapes from him. But all of them always arrive to the extremest point. I enjoy watching it because the show is about catching to the criminals. On the one hand, it shows how crimes are solved. On the other hand, It´s quite dramatic and funny.

Even if you think blood and dead bodies are disgusting, you´ll enjoy the drama, romance and humour in this show.
BY: Lander
Fame to dance is a type of talent show where people dance in pairs with people they don’t know to win a pot of money. In my opinion is one of the best talent shows on TV.
In this show 16 people participate, 8 pairs, and every week two of them  are eliminated and other two people arrive. The presenter of the show is Paula Vázquez. The participants sleep and study everyday on an academy. The director of the academy is Igor Yebra an internacional choreographer and the teachers are Iker Karrera, Ruth Prim, Raymond Naval, Carla Cervantes and Sandra Egido.
I really love this talent show and I will recommend it to everyone but specially to people who like dancing because it can really teach you a lot of things and participants are really great.
BY: Naroa

Castle shows us a writer who joins the police department to write his book. These is a crime drama that you can whatch on TV.
In castle the main characters are; Castle, Becket, Ryan, Esposito, Lanie, Alexis and Martha.Castle is about a writer who went to a police department where the others that I named work (except Martha who is the mother and Alexis who is the daughter) because Beckett was the protagonist of his book , but over time he began to work with them helping them in cases with their ideas as a writer.
In my opinion is the best series, because it has drama, comedy, suspens and tragedy . I would highly recommend this series because it is very entertaining and funny.
BY: Mihaela

 Cold Case

  This TV programme is about how the police solves the crimes happened in the past. In my opinion, It is good for us to know how the criminal actual.
  This show is hosted by Lily Rush ( played by Kathryn Morris and by Scotty (played by Danny Pino) between others. Both of them are FBI agents and they work together. I like that they get on very well. Nevertheless, I don't like that Scotty is always angry!
  I think that the readers will enjoy the programme because it is very interesting and they can learn about the crimes! 
BY: Xiaojie