Monday, 3 December 2018

DBH 1, Festivals in my country

DBH 3, A visit

Hi Mike:
I´m so excited about your visit next week.I´m sure it will fun.I`ve got many plans for you durin this week.

On Monday we are going to visit the aquarium of Donosti,you will be suprised when you see it.On Tuesday and Wednesday I`m going to show you Bilbao.Then on Thursday we are going to a concert here in my town.On friday we are going to a football match in Bilbao,there are going to play Athletic against Barcelona.On Saturday we going to have a barbecue because on sunday morning you leave and we want to have a great last day.

See you soon
BY: Emil
Hi Paula, 
All the family is excited about your visit next week. I'm sure it will be fun. Please let us know the time of your flight on Monday, and we'll meet you at the airport. 
We've got a lot of plans for you. On Tuesday, mom and I are going to take you to a department store in the city. You will love it. It was my idea, not mom's. I think you will buy lots of souvenirs. On  Wenesday, we will take you to the beach, we will have an amazing time all together. We are also going to have dinner there. On Thurday, we are taking you to the Zoo, there lots of animals, and you would take lots of photos with the different animals. They're so cute. On Friday,  we are going to go to the cinema, to see a film. On Saturday, we are going to go to eat and exotic meal, in one of the best restaurants. On Sunday, we will stay at home to get relax. Because the next day you're taking you're plane again.

So as you can see, everyone here is delighted to have you and we're all waiting for you to arrive. we'll have a wonderfull time together. 
See you soon,

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Dear Raja,
Soon we´ll meet for the first time. Aren´t you thrilled? Everyone who takes part in the exchange is so excited to travel to Germany and have a fantastic time with all of you. I´m writing this letter to tell you which are my plans for the time you´ll spend here.

Well, I don´t have a exact idea of what we will do, but as I told you, I´m studying at a music school. If you are intersted in it I can take you to my music classes, maybe they are different from the classes in Germany. I might also take you to a concert. We can also visit different places of the Urdaibai Natural Reserve. We live in a exceptional place, and it would be a mistake not to show it to you. I suppose we´ll also do trips and excursions to different places with the school. So don´t worry, because it won´t be a boring week.

As I have told you at the beginning, we are so delighted because of the exchange. We can´t wait for it! I´m sure it will be amazing.
BY: Irati
Hi Merle,

My friends and I are very excited about your visit next week! I'm sure it will be very fun. Please let me know the time of your flight on Monday so we can meet you at the airport.

We've got a lot of plans to do.On Tuesday, my Dad and I are going to take you to watch a football match at San Mames stadium. I think it will be an exciting game because Barcelona and Athletic Club of Bilbao are playing it! I think you will like the match. On Wednesday afternoon, we're going to the beach. I know it won't do a good weather, but it won't rain. So we can take a ball with us and play there. There's also a pub in the beach were they make a delicious hot chocolate. On Thursday, we're going to go to the shopping center and if you want we can go to the cinema. On Friday afternoon,we are going to meet with my friends and also have dinner. They are very kind and funny, so don't worry. As you know, I sing in a choir and I also play basketball in a team, so on Saturday morning we can go to watch my basketball match or go to the choir practise. You decide. And finally, on Sunday I can show you more about Gernika and we can also go to the swimming pool.

Everyone here is delighted to have you and we're all waiting for you to arrive.We'll definitely have a great time together!

See you soon,
Hi Kim,
How are you? I hope you´re fine. It's less than 1 week before you come and I want to tell you all the things we'll do while you are here. I think it will be fun.

I was thinkin about visiting the museum of Gernika, where they explain the bombing of Gernika. Is so inetresting. Do you like to walk? Because I think that we should walk by the court of the river. It has very beautiful landscapes and it is very nice. Then we can have a picnic in Parque Europa. Is a park of Gernika.  There is also La casa de Juntas or the Gernika tree. 

If you prefer a city we can visit Bilbao. We can go shopping or do a big tour all over Bilbao. You need to save a lot of energy beacuse at the end of the day you will be tired, but dont worry because you will have a nice moment. 

Lots of kisses
BY: Joane
Hi Peter:

I've just read your letter saying that you are my exchange partner. I'm so glad because you seem a very friendly person. You are going to come to my house for a week. I live in Gernika, the town where the school is located. I don't live far away from it so we can go on foot. 

My house isn't very big but we have enough space for you. You can sleep alone or with me. As I said school is about 200 meters far so we can go by foot easily. Our school isn't very big. We can do many activities. I will let you chose whichever you like the most.

I'm really happy to have you in my house. I think it will be an unforgetable experience.  

BY: Gorka

DBH 3, My favourite city

DBH 4, Misteries

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

DBH 4, Inventions


One of the best inventions in the history of the humanity is the car. I think that thanks to this invention, the world changed a lot. 
Thanks to this invention, you can  travel to anywhere when you want, it's very useful because you safe a lot time. If you go shopping, you don't need to care about the distance and the weight. Futhermore with the car you can do long travels instead of going by train, bus or areplane. Nowadays all one has a car, it's the best transport.. and is is available to anyone with money.
Finally, in my opinion this invention had improved our society. I don't know what would be if this wasn't invented
BY: Asier


In my opinion the electricity is the most important invention in all the history. It was invented in the 18th-century by Benjamin Franklin and since then everything changed.

To see how important the onvention of electricity was, you only need to see around. A lot of things need electicity: microwave, mobile phone, TV, washing machine... And if doesn't need electricity to be used, I'm convinced that electricity had something to do in it's fabrication.

I think that without electricity humanity wouldn't be what it is nowadays, with the electricity very important inventions appeared like the telephone or the internet, also reaching the moon, without those we wouldn't be the same.
BY: Gotzon
The Internet
In my opinión the internet is one of the most important invention because is one of the things that now a day people needs .
Internet is one of the faster method to find information or to find a solution. For example when you need to know the meaning of a word you can search it faster or also to find imformation about something.
If you think it you cuolden't live without internet becas you are used to solve always your problen on Internet and no in any other place 
BY: Iñigo

The invention that I choose is the microwave, is not the best invention in the world but I think that is very useful in some cases. In my opinion the microwave is a very good machine because you can warm what ever you want in a little time, no like the oven because you have to wait more time to warm it.

       For example, if you are in you home and you are very hungry, you can take something from the fridge and warm it. You will be eating it when ever you want and what ever you want.

        In my opinion, the inventor had a very good idea with this machine. 
BY: Iker M:

 The Mobile Phone            
There have been lost of exciting inventions in the last 50 years but in my opinion, the most important one is the mobile phone.

The mobile phone is a portable telephone that can make and recesive calls over a radio frequency link while the user is moving within a telephone service area. Thanks to the mobile phone nowadays we can communicate with people all over the world. In addition, if you have internet at the phone, you can chat with people by Whatsapp for free, get in Google to search things or download games. Furthermore, you can take photos and videos and you can save information in an aplications or you can save dates in the calendar so like this you can´t forget anything. You can also use the mobile phone to set alarms in the mornings to go to work or to school.

No other inventions had such a great effect on people in this world! The world would definitely have been a very different place if this had not been invented.
BY: Ciprian
There have been many inventions in the last one thousand years. In my opinion,the most important invention of all is the wheel.

Thanks to the wheel, the human was developed. Also,from there it was possible to manufacture,machinery and transport,which we depend on today.In addition we transported ourselves quickly to other places. Furthermore,thanks to which the machines on which the economy depends were created.

No other invention had been possible without the wheel. The world would definitely have been different place if no one had invented this important invention.
BY: Carol

There have been a lot of inventions in the past decades, but I think that
The best one opinion is the Smartphone. And Thad’s are really important.

      Thank to the smartphones, we can communicate with other people 
Without using cards or pigeons. We can also chat instantly with skype or 
FaceTime using the cameras on the phones and with the internet. You can
Also use your phone as a credit or debit card to pay. 

        Without dubs the smartphones have been the best thing. That the human
Being has invented in the recent times, and it is a really useful machine 
In our lives
BY: Mikel
The  mobile phone
There have been many amazing inventions in the last one hundred years.But,in my opinion the most important invention for me is the  mobile phone.
Thanks to mobile phone,you can communicate with your friends,family and also  your classmates.In addition,you also have a constant Internet Access.
Furthermore,you can have all your apps in one device.Also,you can take photos with your camera and make video calls with people.
But,mobile phones can also have disadvantages,for example : breaches of privacy and security and hinder real human interaction. Anyways,the mobile phones have so many advantages,but it doesn´t means that you can isolate yourself.In my opinion you should use the mobile phone with  moderation. 
BY: Maitena

 The telephone

Nowadays,we life in a world where everything is already invented,but,in my opinion there are some inventions that are more useful than others.For me,the best invention ever is the telephone.

Today,is the most used article in the world,because it keeps us in touch with people that can be far away from where we life,or it makes easier the comunication.Imagine,you are talking with your friend,after a while,you go home and you remember that you had to tell him something,so instead of going to his/her house,you can call him/her.

This invention was created by Charles Bauseul in 1876,so I think that since that date,our live has become a little bit more easier.💫🙆
BY: Maria
Many inventions helped many people, like the penicilin or the wheel. In my opinin the most important invention is the light bulb.
Thanks to the light bulb I can do what I am doing right now. In the past the people depended on the light of the Sun. What you had to do you had to do it before the Sun rises. Do you imagine turning on every night bells in the house. Thank to the light bulb you can also work at night or indoors.
I think that this is the invention that changed many things on the planet and daily life of people.
BY: Hamdi