Wednesday, 10 January 2018

DBH 3, A special event

Last Friday we went to the bts concert, the favorite group of Sam and mine. We booked the tickets 3 months before, the tickets were almost sold out after 1 minute of the option to reserve them. 

The concert began at 9 p.m. but we went at 8 p.m. to queue, and there was a large row of fans, after 1 hour of waiting we entered, and waiting 20 minutes inside to begin. In the performance they sang  their songs and interacted with us, they were 2 hours of happiness. We were able to take some pictures, and they gave some gifts to the fans with VIP tickets.
It was an indelible memory, we could see and take pictures with our idols, Sam and I were so happy, excited and stunned, that we still can not believe it. We were very lucky!

Last Friday we went to the bts concert, the favorite group of Sam and mine. We booked the tickets 3 months before, the tickets were almost sold out after 1 minute of the option to reserve them. 
The concert began at 9 p.m. but we went at 8 p.m. to queue, and there was a large row of fans, after 1 hour of waiting we entered, and waiting 20 minutes inside to begin. In the performance they sang  their songs and interacted with us, they were 2 hours of happiness. We were able to take some pictures, and they gave some gifts to the fans with VIP tickets.
It was an indelible memory, we could see and take pictures with our idols, Sam and I were so happy, excited and stunned, that we still can not believe it. We were very lucky!
BY: Carol

   A very exciting match 

Sunday,7th of January 2018,the exciting match of Alaves vs Athletic starts.People shouting,with an enormous smile on their face,a lot of people preapearing at their homes to see a wonderful game with their family and friends.The match starts,and magically the ball enters to the goal,the  "lions"fans start shoutoing excitedly,yes,Etxeita scored a gol.And to finish this wonderful game,Aduriz finishes as always with a memorable gol.

People was really happy,even at their homes started shouting like if they were at the football peach.My family felt really delighted too.We really love that football club and we will defend them until the end.We also were really proud of our team.I was thinking about the way that I love this game,it connects people in a strange way,it makes respect people...

I think that this game is one of the most beautiful ones in the world😍🐦
💗BY: MAria

The winners.

Yesterday afternoon, the   Golden Gate Warriors  won the basketball match. It was a really exciting match.  I really love it.
The match took place in the Golden state warriors  field. It was so great!

         Hundreds of people came to watch it. The local team was playing against  the Denver nuggets. The both teams played so greatly.
They were  very near with the points. At that moment, I did not know who will win, but of course I wanted the warriors to win.  At the last five minutes of the game, The Nuggets were winning for two points. At that moment we all knew our team will lose, but in that moment the warriors team started to make points until they were winning for ten points. Then the match ended.

          All the people were going crazy and jumping it was so incredibly good to see that. So now all the members feel so proud of their favorite team. 
BY: Mikel

On Friday evening,my team and me we had one of our most important games.We were playing a very important tournament organised by adidas.

Many of our friends came too see us support our team.We luckly reached the finals so we had to do our best in that match.I started the gam very motivated scoring 14 points in the first half and taking 7 rebounds.When we reached the last half we were 91-83 losing.I wouldnt like to lose that game so I scored 6 straight points.At the last seconds I took the ball and shout the game winner.

All people shouted and we won that tournament.It was my best basketball match that I had.
BY: Hamdi
We win to the best team of the league!

Last week we played agains the best team of the league,and we win them. It was a great match. 
Last sunday we played agains Amorebieta the leader of our league, we payed in the football camp ´Txolon´, Amorebieta. We were all the team mate and all our fathers. It as a very difficult match because we didn´t had goalkeeper so one friend stayed in the goal. The other team was very agresive attacking, but we were superior. We went to the half-time winning 0-3. When the second half started we were more defensive, to ensure the victory. Finally we finished 0-4
We were very proud of us and when the match finished we jumped of fun
BY: Asier
One week ago, two teenagers kill a man. It happends in Amorebieta, and small town of Vizcaia.
 The two teenagers were of Amorebieta one of 13 years and the other of 16. The man was married and father, whit 42 years. Some of the street cameras rec him and deleit them.
The teenagers, push the man and die, because doesn't fell good.
Both of the youg boys paste photos with bad words and showing the midel finger. The two boys are in judges, and are going to a reformatory, but they are thinking to change the law to send them to prison!!
BY: Joane
 West Valley Team

West Valley had a match against Portsmouth and the play was so interesting.It was on Thursday evening and it happen in West Valley School sports center.The two teams had the same equal points but suddenly,the fastest player of West Valley team caught the ball and he threw to the basket and he scored three points,so they won the match.
Every people feel so proud
 BY: Xiomara

On sunday we have a match against the team that goes first on the league. This happen in the stadium of barcelona. They came all the team of the legue and the students of our school. During the match a storm apeared and start t rain a lot. Finaly the other team won and our fans feel sad but happy because we arrive until the final.

BY: Iñigo


The last Saturday Urdaibai ft became the football leage champions,after wining Amorebieta fc at the finnal championship.The match amazing.

A lot of exitec people came to watch the game to Urbieta.Both teames played very well but Urdaibai ft played better,the gmae was 1-1 but at the last minute the player iker took the ball quickly and  scored an amazing goal.

All shouted happily and celebrate the goal.All the players were given a trophy,the coach was very proud.
BY: Ciprian

DBH 2, My favourite place

My favourite place in the world is Cap Nou (stadium of barcelona) it's in Barcelona ,Spain 

it's a beautiful place the first time I went I made my dream come true

You can take a tour of the entire field, either go to the museum or go to the stands
BY: Stefano
A great experience:
When the experience occur,was the last year in the aeroport.
I was ready to go to Londres,but it appeare Leo Messi and every people come together and everybody was taking photos with him.
Wen messi was lefting the aeroport,he arrives to mi and he firm my T-shirt and he take a picture with me.
Finaly he left the aeroport.
I was very excited and very happi
BY: Alain
My favourite place in the world is Paris, Paris is in France. Paris has got a tower Eiffel. You can take photos and walk around to see it, and is a pleasant place.Is a great place to take pictures. In the tower Eiffel  you can do lots of things like going up of the tower Eiffel, eating in the restaurant...

BY: Dragos
My favourite place is my grandparent's village, close to the city of Valladolid in Valladolid. It is in a very dry area and it has lots of hills. You can have a walk around the village visiting the swimming pool, the square and more different places or stay peacefully and warm at home. It's funny and interesting to go out at night because almost all the people in the village go out to. If you get bored of the silent life in the village you can visit the neightbour towns and cities that have much more people.
BY: Aimar

My favourite place in the world in NYC. Is the most populous city in the United State, where is located. There isn´t any street that it is quiet. The biggest park there is Central Park. There always people, but you breathe air. In the park you can have a picnic with your friends or play frisbee. You can go shopping all the time, because there are a lots of shops there. You can also take great photos and take a smoothie, while you are holding on the wonderful views.
BY: Joane
My favorite place
My favorite place is my grandmother house.The house it is not very beautiful but once you enter to the house you feel pleasant and in peace.My grandmother has got a lot so animals so it is fun to give them to eat especially to the little rabbits,they are so lovely! At her house on summer outside it's very hot and good so you can take the sun or you can go to the little pool that she has.My grandmother's house has also got cherry, nut, apple, peach... trees and grape, raspberry...plants because he really loves fruit and me too, so she always let me climb her trees and collect fruit for me and for her.When I go to my grandmother's house I feel in peace and protected from these cruel world.
BY: Nicoleta
My favourite place in the world is Venice city, located in Italy. This city isn´t an ordinary place, it´s famous all over the world because of the canals that cross it. To visit the touristic city you must ride on a gondola, a peculiar canoe used specially in Venice.
Do you know that the historic centre of Venice was declared a World Heritage Site by the Unesco? I love Venice because it´s really different to the other European cities. Many people love it like I do, that´s why the city is one of the most visited ones in the world. That is also a problem, because it´s a really busy place. But why not? If I were you I would buy the tickets for this great voyage. It is a fantastic plan to ride on a gondola and to see this beautifull city with your family or friends.
BY : Irati

My favourite place is Divertiland. Its in Romania, bucarest. Its an acuatic park. But it is a problem, this park is at the outskirts of bucarest, and you normaly go in summer. In romania in summer its very hot so the taxis don´t want you to take you to the park. I know it because in the summer of 2016 I went to Romania in holidays and we bought some tickets to enter. Wy haven´t got any car so we neded an taxi, but anyone wanted to take us. All of them said that it was too hot and too far to take us. Until we find an taxi who  wanted to take us. There are lots of restaurants, sledge of water, artificial rivers were you can swim...In every place are live jacket so don´t worry. 
BY: Gabriela

My favourite place
My favourite place in the world is New York.New York is a very beautifull place to visit.You can took photos to the big building or you can walk from all Central Park because is a pleasant plase.Another thing that you can do is going on helicopter or in a boat to take photos with the statue of Liberty.Its very fun and interesting to visit the Empire State Building or cross the Bridge of Brooklyn,you would enjoy a lot
BY: Emil

Monday, 8 January 2018

DBH 4, A work of art

Mona Lisa was painted by Leonardo da Vinci in 1507. It shows a young woman who is smiling. Its shape is complex . The painting is realistic.
  If you look at her eyes and nose ,you will think she is smiling,but if you look at her mouth, you will think she isn't smiling . It is painted in so many color.
  In Mona Lisa, the painter's happiness is expressed so strongly that we feel it too. In my opinion, this makes the painting beautiful.
BY: Xiaojie


 Gernika was painted by Pablo Piccasso in June of 1937. At the painting, uses a palette of grey, black, and white and is one of the most moving and powerful anti-war paintings in the history of Spain. At the painting, is a composition of a gored horse, a bull and a lot of flames. The large mural of Piccasso, shows the suffering of people wrenched by violence. 

The painting, looks like, a within of a room, where at an open end on the left, a wide bull stands over a woman grieving over a dead child in her arms. At the center, is a horse falling in agony and under the horse, is a dead, apparently dismembered soldier. At the open palm of the dead soldier, is a stigma, a symbol of martyrdom derived from the stigmata of Christ. 
There´s a frightened female figure too, and he is floated into the room through a window. Her arm, carries a flame  lamp. The lamp, is positioned very close to the bulb, and is a symbol of hope.

In my opinion, the painted was disgusted, because it wasn´t so easy to paint the tragedy that happened the 26 of April of 1937. 

BY : Alaia


Guernica was painted by Pablo Picasso in June 1937. The painting shows people and animals suffering a bombing  which happened on Gernika. This work uses pastoral and epic styles.
The most important charapters on the painting area gored horse, a bull and people in flames. It is a white-black painting so it is more intensive. There are a lot ines in Guernica. and most of them are curved.
In this painting Picasso wants to express the feelings that people in Gernika felt and it really obtains what he wants.

BY: Naroa


Guernica was painted by the famous internationally known Pablo Ruiz Picasso between May and June of 1937. It is an abstract and non realistic style, painted with oil on canvas. There are some people and animals suffering in it.

It looks like they are entrenched in a type of barn trying to hide and keep safe. They look very frightened and desesperate. There is a pregnant woman and a soldier with a broken sword on the hand shouting. There is a lamp above them and there is "the piece pigeon" painted in black.

Picasso was trying to express the suffering of the people and he wanted to draw attention about it.
BY: Aitor

El Guernica
One of Pablo Picasso's most well-known paintings was commissioned by the Spanish government because of the bombing in Guernica. The gray tones are explained because the first news that Picasso had of the bombing was through the newspaper. It is said that in 1940 a German officer asked Picasso if it was he who had done that. The painter replied: "No, it was you." It's in the Reina Sofia of Madrid.

BY: Iker
Zona de los archivos adjuntos

The Gioconda also known as the Mona Lisa was painted by Leonardo da Vinchi at the biginning of the 16th century. It this portrait shows as a lady that is sitting in an armchair and resting her arms. In it´s hands and eyes you can see the especial characteristics of the painter, playing with light and shadows to give volume to the painting.

People think that background of the portrait was given to the inspiration for the Alps, on their trip to Milan. In the middle of the landscape you can see a bridge. We can also see that the model lacks eyebrows and eyelashes. The left arm rests on one of the arms of the armchair. The right hand rests on the left. This posture transmits an impression of serenity and that the person portrayed dominates their feelings.

The Gioconda, is a very beautiful portrait, were the beauty of the women is expressed. In my opinion it´s an interesting painting without taking into account that is the most famous painting of the world.
BY: Lander

The Wave off Great KanagawaAlso known as The Great Wave or simply The Wave, is a woodblock printing jobs of by the Japanese famous Hokusai. He played with perspective to make Japan’s grandest mountain appear as a small triangular.
In this woodblock printing we can see three main elements: The stormy sea, three boats and a mountain.
BY: Lima

In 1937, tragedy struck in the little Basque town of Gernika. Times of war and economical poverty was upon Europe, after Hitler came into power. This same dictator decided to bomb this poor town, and left hundreds of people dead, and many injured. At the time, media wasn't as nearly evolved as it is now, and many people around the world didn't even know what was going on in Gernika. But then everything changed, once French artist Pablo Picasso decided to make justice for such an unfair act of true hate. He created the very famous Guernica.

Guernica was painted in 1937, which by the way took over 35 days to complete. This painting is representational, with a slight touch of realistc features within it. It stands at 3.49 meters tall, and 7.76 meters wide, becoming one of the worlds largest canvas-paintings ever. This large creation shows the agony and the suffering of the people who were unfortunate enough to be victims of such a crime. In the mural, the most distinctive characters are a horse, a bull and villagers surrounded by flames. Picasso has used both sharp and precise linings, as well as curved and soft ends, giving the viewer a sense of innocence. The only colours used in Guernica are: black, grey and white. These dull colours give the observer a feeling of both sadness and hope, which contrast beautifully in my opinion.

In Guernica, Picasso's sadness and anger towards this occurrence is anything but absent, and his ability to express these emotions have captivated many hearts all around the world, including mine. I believe, that part of the reason why the famous bombing finally got recognised, was Picasso's ability to transmit such a powerful message to the world, with just a couple of paint brushes, some paint, a canvas and a little bit of inspiration.
BY: Sara

   The Guernica

Guernica was painted by Pablo Picasso in 1937. It shows some men and women suffering because the Dictador Franco has bombed the city of Gernika. The painting is abstract  and with dull colour such as black, grey and white.

You can see a dead solidier at the bottom of the painting, there is a woman crying and looking at the sky because her child has died during the bombing, at the rigth side of the painting there is a woman that is dying in her house which is on fire, it is also visual a woman looking outside of the window looking for anyone of her family who may have survived the bombing; animals are also seen in the picture as there is a cow in the picture and a horse which is linked to the newspaper that "helped" to the bombing to be noticed around the world. All of the picture is drawn in really dark and dull colours, such as, black , grey or white.

IN the Guernica, the painter´s sadness is expresed so hard that you can feel it.In my opinion, this makes people recocnise the horror which all of the people from gernika felt that day of 1937.

PicassoGuernica.jpg BY: Paul

 G E R N I K A

     Gernika was painted by Pablo Picasso in June 1937. It shows the bomb of Gernika. Gernika is a mural-sizes oil painting.
      In the Gernika paiting it appear lot of abstract people and animals running to all the sites so as not to see the bombing. It a pait that is coloured in black, grey and white and it shows lot of sat in it. The painting was created in Madrid in the Musea Reina Sofia.
       In Gernika, the painter's sadness is expressed and lots of people when they saw that painting they grieve. In my opinion is a very beautifull and sad painting because it expres lot of sad in it.

Zona de los archivos adjuntos
BY: Mihaela

Haizearen Orrazia is located in Donostia(At the final part of the beach) and this sculpture is of Eduardo Chillida.
It consists of three iron sections located in 1977.
 The series are based around the square designed by the architect Luis Peña Gantxegi, consisting of different platforms, stables and lofty, with sculptures. It has beautiful views of the sea, the bay of La Concha and the city.

Chillida needed nine years to see his dream:"Him work".
The original name is Wind Comb of XV,but him creator also called the sculpture "Tenis Plaza".

Near the sculpture are some holes in the floor and that holes are to breath the sea.
These work of art is very beautiful and is fantastic to see it.
BY: Araitz